Love Calls Your Name

This book tells the story of two people who heard the call of love and answered it with hope, courage, and faith. The life of Greg Artis, Sr., including his five-year battle with Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS), is shared with the reader in a compelling, honest, and heartfelt way.


Taj and Greg’s story allows an intimate peek into how love can call our names and then come to us in surprising ways. Taj’s storytelling and transparent style will keep you turning the pages while also feeling inspired and enlightened. Love Calls Your Name is a study in true love and endurance.

About The Author

Taj Artis, LCSW

Best selling author. Singer. Therapist. Public Speaker. Mother. Christian. Friend. Taj is a thought leader and motivational influencer who brings the world together through hope, compassion and love.

Our Readers Are Lovin' It

Faith and Love

Taj's story shows people what true love can look like and how faith and perseverance can help a person weather even the most difficult of situations. Everyone should definitely read it.

Taj’s love, life and ALS

An amazing book of Taj’s love experience and living with ALS. My sister-in-law passed away a few years ago with this decease. Your story is amazing! Thanks for sharing!

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